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Sunday August 5 @ Larz Anderson Museum of Transportation in Brookline MA. As usual, I didn’t edit this (obviously) but in the end you get the idea. It was HOT; upper 90’s and the crowds were blocking the fancy cars so it was hard to get proper shots but overall not too bad. Did I mention it was HOT? We sat in the shade in the Alfa area and chatted up Tom Lesko the el presidente of AONE. More Alfas than I usually see at this show and it was a welcome change. Lots of beautifully restored cars and many drivers. Bene, ciao’ baby




Decided to play hooky with some friends and we rode down to the Newport Car Museum in Newport Rhode Island.

It’s located on unused Raytheon property and is a top notch museum containing a selection of muscle cars and imported exotica. First time I’ve been up close and personal with a Porsche 918 and a Jag XJ220.

All the cars run, and docents wander around if you have questions. The facility is used for conventions and meetings, and also has a brace of video simulators. 

Definitely worth a look if you’re in the area.


Here’s some video form cranland 2018, a local experimental aircraft club transformed a cranberry bog into a short field airport. This event is from Farther’s day 2018.

Local pilot and allaround nice guy Bob Trinque flew in with his C45 Twin Beech done up in Army livery. Not bad flying to plop it down on a 1700′ runway.

A few classic cars and bikes rounded out the show.





Who doesn’t like Mario, I mean really?


I haven’t posted much content lately but I saw this and figured I’d pass it along. It is pretty basic but judging by some of the calls I get at work I think it may help some people out.

A good series of clearly presented basic electricity and electronics tutorials. Good graphics and some tongue in cheek humor to boot.



By accident I ran across the news that Dan Gurney had passed away on Jan 14. 

It should have been a day of mourning as far as I’m concerned due to the fact that he was one of the most accomplished personalities I can remember. He was a world class driver in many disciplines; F1, CAN AM, Indycars, Sports Racers etc etc. As a kid I was always in awe of the man, when he was interviewed on TV he unfailingly had a huge smile across his impossibly handsosme face  . Not to mention the fact he was one of the few successful race team owner/driver / constructors, and designers. I honestly have never read a report or interview that didn’t paint him as the guy you’d most want to have a beer with. 

He was an avid hot rodder when his family first moved to California and he just never stopped racing, building, and learning.

Rather than blather on about the man, just do an internet search or click on his picture for an Autosport obit.


God Speed Dan