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We’re clearing out the Brooks leather one piece race suits we have left in stock. 

They are on EBay for $199.95 , give us a call if you want one, there are only a few left. Sizes are currently 40, 42, 46, and 48. These are first quality suits that are worth far more than the asking price but Brooks is clearing them out. 

One piece leathers are a big seller in Europe but not so much in the US. Take advantage of a one time opportunity.

Call Brooks @ 877-366-4659 or email me.


While we were hanging out at Vanson Leathers a few weeks we had the big invite: Check out the suit in the back.
Turns out someone had bought Evel’s suit for huge bucks and sent it to Vanson’s for a “Fluff and Fold”
Rinestone jewelry and all there it sat, so I had to whip out the cell for a quick snap.
Can’t say I was speechless with awe but it is a piece of history.


Well, got the frame back with its new coat of paint, so I figured I’d throw the tank on it to get some measurements for the seat.

Pounded in a set of steering head bearings and it looks like the triple clamps will go together with no major issues.

Next, the tires will go on the rims so I can hopefully make it a roller before the snow flies.

Jeez, the camera makes this thing look a mile long dunnit?

Larz Anderson Euro Bike Day


Click on the link above for more info

Sept 11, 2011 Brookline Ma.

Always  a great show, we will be there as usual on the left side of the driveway with our jackets and Norton parts!




It’s that time of year again!

July 22-24 Mid Ohio Racetrack

Click link below to go to the AMA website:

We will be in our regular spots P7 and P8 (Prime Spaces) which is a nice grassy open area near the front of the vendor area, not in the mud + dust!!

Stop by and say hello!

Well, we’ve been back from the Mid-Ohio gig for a few weeks and I’m still trying to decide how I felt about the whole thing.

It’s hard to make an unbiased report as we spend most of the time standing around the trailer/ site.

Rained buckets on Friday and the weather was super after that. (thank heaven)

We did pretty well sales wise and met more customers that seem to be happy with our stuff so that’s a good thing. Many thanks to our loyal fans!

Our site was much better this year but some of our neighbors weren’t so happy.

Depending on what you were selling, I could see their point but it’s a bit of a crap shoot every time it seems.

We will definitely be back in the same spots next year as it suits  our style.

Anyway, if you can make it definitely give Mid-Ohio a try

as the venue is super and the people couldn’t have been nicer……..

Yes, it’s that time again folks.

Butler’s Orchard in Germantown Maryland May 23

We will be there with some jackets, parts, T shirts and who knows what else; probably a hangover

Here’s the link:

Good day out with some super nice bikes