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You have to check out this site, Petrolicious:


Alfa Petrolicious
Lots of articles and short videos to get those juices flowing while you’re looking out the window at the grimy snowbanks.
Some motorcycle content but mostly cars that look so good it makes you reflexively start thinking about just how much there really is in that 401K. I mean when you really think about it, at least collector cars have some intrinsic value. They will never be worth nothing which is unfortunately what can happen to those “rock solid” stocks and bonds you’ve been sitting on.
Just sayin’





Ok now that I have your attention we can proceed
The Museum of Transportation in Brookline MA has a gathering of all things Italian this coming Sunday Aug 2
Well worth a look if you have any interest at all in fabulous Italian cars, motorcycles, espresso, gelato, etc ,well you get the idea.
In past years this event has been postponed due to bad weather etc but it looks to be a scorcher this year.
If you plan on going I suggest doing it early, it will be hot and the place will be packed with cars bikes and people.
Parking will be at a premium for sure.
Click on the picture below to go to the Museum of transportation web site

Ok this is a little different I admit, but the man is a legend. Balboni has been THE Lamborghini test and development driver for over 40 years.  This interview for a Danish gearhead mag isn’t too long but it gives some insight to a passionate Italian (is there any other kind?)

What a job, drive Lambos and tell the wrenches to make it better

Anyway, Lamborghini produced this model Gallardo to his taste and interestingly enough, he decided to forgo the all wheel drive in favor of the classic rear drive configuration.

As God intended.