Bikes in the garage III

I bought this as an unfinished project and decided “what the heck, why not tart it up a bit?”

On went the “S” exhaust, Corbin seat and Viola! a “Faux S” is born. Always draws lots of attention and goes like the clappers.  I just wish my right foot didn’t go numb when I ride it. Only bike I’ve ever ridden that does it to me….weird.

My KTM 950 Adventure      (Wahoo!)

  1. Mrs Eileen Burfield says:

    Trying to find out more about late husband’s Nortons
    Mercury 650 – still to finish – but have parts required G – 1969 reg

    Also finished Commando 750

    Any advice re price etc.

    • The web is the source for info as you may have already found; while the Mercury didn’t have the popularity of the rest of the Norton line, it did have it’s devotees. As my mother says: “every pot finds it’s cover” so the value is really dependent on the chap looking for one. As with all bikes these days, originality is valued highly, if it has the correct numbers and body parts then it goes a long way to bumping up the value.

  2. I like to read your posts)

  3. Brian says:

    Right foot going numb… No doubt the Corbin Gunfighter seat is pressing on you George Costanza wallet and creating the “Corbin Costanza Norton Paradigm”!

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