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I am hesitant to use the current buzzwords like epic, awesome, etc but my Good Lord in Heaven, you have to see this video.

I follow Shmee150 and sometimes to be honest he comes across as a privileged tosser (sorry) but in the end he puts down the money for some fabulous cars and shares the experience with us commoners who will never ever have the opportunity or means to do likewise. 

Tim my hat is off to you and your crew for absolutely nailing the experience of driving a supercar in a super part of the world and bringing us along for the ride.

Top marks indeed!


(and I apologize for the privileged tosser remark)


Who doesn’t like Mario, I mean really?


I figured I’d better post some Brit bike content for a change, so here’s quickie.

Since I’m planning on Saturday being sticker day I thought I’d better make sure everything runs and the lights all work. No issues to speak of except for the Triumph Jubilee, which has a really dopey front brake switch that needs some fettling every now and then.

So it’s all good and hopefully the sun will cooperate on saturday morning…