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Figured I’d better add some Brit Bike content after that Ford GT posting so here it is:

Lots of pics from a UK bike rally from England Kev. A real treasure trove of bikes you normally only see in the magazines. From New Imperial to Zundapp, to Velo specials there are tons of bikes all ridden and not pampered. Refreshing to see events like this with such a wide assortment of classic iron in one place.

Have a look:




Yes yes yes I know this blog is supposed to be about vintage motorcycles but we all have to look outside the fishbowl occasionally don’t we??

I follow this Pommy git who goes by the moniker of Shmee150 on you tube and to be honest I live vicariously through him. He owns some very nice cars and shares a lot of his experiences. Fair enough but I was really and truly knocked out by his coverage of the new Ford GT at the Geneva show. Shmee150 has a spot in line to own one of these things which I found surprising as I wasn’t awfully impressed by the previous iteration.

This car is totally and hugely a different animal from the design brief to the execution. It’s all carbon fiber, well executed and thoughtfully produced. Have a look at the video and I think you will see what I mean, this thing is really a supercar. It’s fast, beautiful and a tour de force of aero. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Ford fanboy at all, but I was impressed at the effort that’s been put into making this a competitive car in a world of Pagani Zondas, Lambo Hurricans and Porsche RS3’s to mention but a few.

I may update this post later, but for now, I thought I’d take a minute ad at least post this.


The annual British Motorcycle Meet put on by the BSA Owners Club of New England is on May 21 2017 this year in Lancaster MA at the Bolton Fairgrounds

Click here for the website>>>


British MC Meet 2017






Paid a visit to Rocket Moto in Nashua NH for the March meeting of the Norton Owners of New England monthly meeting.

Good turnout, got to look at some nice bikes and have pizza. It was frigid cold outside with some snow on the ground so it was a decent way to spend some time.

Many thanks to Adam who provided the space and hospitality. If you’re remotely interested in a MOTUS , stop by and have a look.

Adam works on pretty much all bikes new and vintage so give him a try, mention Commando Specialties please


click here >>New England Norton Owners


Click here>>Rocket Moto / MOTUS




I have one electric start kit available, act quickly if you’re interested.

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As you may or may not know, I have posted some you tube videos about some bikes etc. You can scroll down to some older posts if you haven’t seen them yet.

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If you have any interest, please give them a thumbs up or better yet, subscribe so I can get an idea of how many people are looking at this stuff. I have posted videos about carb pilot jet cleaning for instance and some basic Boyer Bransden troubleshooting.

If you would like to see an other How To guides or similar, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. No fancy camera equipment or anything but we’ll see where it leads.