Amelia Island

Posted: March 16, 2016 in Italian cars, Uncategorized, Vintage Cars, vintage racing

Well, we made the trip to the Goodings Amelia Island auction. Not because we’re flush but well, just because.

Basically, it was a Jerry Seinefeld event as he had 18 Porsches crossing the block. (!) All went for what I thought was a lot of money, but since the auction I’ve read that he sort of took a bath on some of the cars. Not sure but I’d expect the truth to lie somewhere in between. I can’t believe he didn’t have a carefully considered reserve on this stuff. A 1960 Beetle went for $110,000 so I’m guessing he wasn’t looking under the seat cushions in the hotel for lunch money.

There were other auctions that weekend and the concours which unfortunately I couldn’t attend but it was a few days of R&R in warm sunny weather which was just what I needed.

As we were walking up to the auction venue at the Omni Resort, there was an unexpected parade of vintage cars cruising by. It took me a minute to dig out my phone but I did catch a few.




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