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What Have I Done??

Posted: November 30, 2015 in motorcycles, Uncategorized

I know this is heresy, but there are some new additions to the garage that aren’t Brit Bikes…Gasp!

There are some seriously nice bikes out there that fall into the gaps between categories. They aren’t the newest or the fastest or maybe the most beautiful bike ever, so they get bypassed for the flavor of the month. Well, to each his own bad taste say I.

I bought this 1999 BMW R1100S for ridiculously cheap money. It came with some desirable extras including a Remus full stainless exhaust that I will nail on in short order. It has quick detachable saddlebags, heated grips etc.

OH Yes!



I have one Alton E-Start kit on the shelf if you’ve been looking for one.
Allegedly there is one more on the way but who knows.
If you need to give yourself the Christmas gift of a lifetime, now is the time!
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I slapped a set of our Commando Specialties “Big Bore” mufflers on my Yamaha XS 650 today.

Added a couple of tabs so I could hang them on the stock muffler brackets.

Looks OK and they sound pretty sweet IMHO.

Have a look