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It’s been a few weeks of catching up since we got back from Barber’s.

Two days is a lot of driving to get there but it was worth the trip. Weather was cooperating so it was pretty painless overall.

As usual, the races were top notch, track staff was helpful and a good time was had by all.

Rumor was that the race entries were up to 1100 which is a huge number of bikes. Most races had two or three classes so I think the numbers were accurate. One race had sixty entries which is a lot of bikes to have on the track at once for sure!

I’ve attached a few pictures but it really doesn’t give you the feel of the event, The bikes just driven to the track would have made a good museum of their own, Most brands were well represented and the quality was impressive.

The Ace Cafe Was Well Represented

Dave Roper’s rapid Aermacchi¬† (nice Brooks Leather sticker)

Not sure what to make of this one but it did blat around the pits

Lots of eye candy in the pits

Motorcycle Classics had a big bike show, lots of Nortons and other lesser known marques

I think these are made in Italy or something

A brace of Brittens

Well, the weather report successfully suppressed turnout for one of the best annual bike shows in the Northeast. It did drizzle a little bit in the morning but overall it was rain free ; albeit very dark and ominous for the remainder of the day.
Not one other Norton showed up to contest the specialised Norton class so I took home an undeserved trophy IMHO.
No one from the Norton club showed which was disappointing but hey it’s New England and that’s the way the cards fall…
Anyway, thanks to all the folks that did show up and brave the gloom.