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Well, the EBay auction ran its course and the bike got up to $9100 which was well short of the reserve.
I know it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I’ve seen worse bikes bring more money. Disappointing but I won’t be shaving my wrists about the whole thing.
If anyone out there has any interest please shoot me a message and we can talk, otherwise I will be posting it again on EBay in a few weeks.



Yep, the project bike is for sale on EBay (where else).
Go the bikes section for Norton


Loosely translated a “jivaro” is a shrunken head.
Stay with me here, it does make some wacky sense.  Sort of.  It’s French.
This is a video about an eccentric French motorcycle mechanic but it’s really about people who may or may not see the world differently than most people. 
It’s a funny video and lets us know that there are hopeless gearheads all over the world.
They know a lot of things.
And that’s a good thing in my book