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This project had been dragging on for far too long without any real progress so I figured it was time to make something happen.
On Saturday I had to work out some clutch issues and then dug into the ignition circuit which wasn’t acting the way it I thought it should. In the end it had sparks, so¬† I checked out the carbs and also found a nice Barnett throttle assembly I had stashed away.
I didn’t have much luck kick starting the bloody thing so I thought I’d attack it in the morning.
I still couldn’t get it running on the kicker which was odd, but it fired up using the electric boot which surprised me somewhat. The battery is an old clunker I took out of the KTM but charges up pretty good so it’s doing the job until I get a new one this week.
It took ages to get the oil circulating but finally, as you can see in the video I could see it pumping back to the tank.
Anyway, it starts and runs so I’m feeling better about plodding ahead with more hours of fettling.

Here’s a site about a guy who has unbelievable skill and passion for scale models.


To someone who doesn’t work with their hands or appreciate fine detail, this kind of thing can easily be glossed over and ignored. But when you look closely, it appears he must have a legion of miniature people to carry out the task of creating these masterpieces. The only real comparison is with the makers of fine watches and jewelry. Not to disparage them in any way but their craft has largely been influenced by CAD/CAM digital software and related machinery. These models are hand crafted using the original blueprints where available and most of the machinery is made by the man himself.


I was an avid model builder in my youth and spent many hours lost in the fantasy world of hot rod and custom cars that I dreamed I would build and drive when I grew up.


This however is a different level of attention that I still can’t quite comprehend even though I know he’s the real deal. For the most part, all of the ancillary items work; the brakes, suspension etc move and replicate the original appearance to an uncanny degree. The finish, proportion and scale are all spot on.


He’s a Spaniard but the language of a craftsman is universal.


As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words so click on the pic and prepare to be amazed.


Cell phone walkaround showing the latest progress.
Tidied up the wiring but still haven’t decided on an ignition switch location. Belt drive has been squared away with the Alton starter so that should be OK.
Had the side covers painted and put the tank on just to see what it would look like.
Seat will be coming next week and I’ll see about getting the upholstery done, so there is some light at the end of the tunnel.
Another 6 inches of snow coming tonight.
I give up