Taking a break from shoveling snow for a few hours and got to put in some quality time on the Norton project.
I decided to pull out all the stops and try out one of our Alton E Start kits. The bad news is that the one I got had some shipping damage. AAARRRGGGHHH
Anyway, we got that squared away so the nest step was to actually bolt the sucker on. To complicate matters further, I’m going with a belt drive primary so all bets were off for an easy installation. Did I mention the hydraulic clutch release set up? That was treat in itself.
Rather then bore you with the grisly details, I finally got the engine sprocket shimmed out to where it should be for the belt drive, then got the clutch stack height somewhere near correct, and finally got the hydraulic clutch mechanism working correctly.
The clutch pull is a one finger affair with the hydraulic set up. (I’m pretty sure it comes from Jim Comstock) I really can’t believe how easy it is; it literally is a one finger pull.
I’ve been running wires and securing them so it doesn’t look so messy and at the same time making it easily serviceable in the unlikely event of a mishap.
The wiring did get neatened up after this pic, but I had to watch the pats win the game didn’t I???

Starter kit


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