Got the inner primary cover lined up and installed along with a bunch of other bits as a kind of mock up to see if this was going to be cage match winner takes all affair or a nice therapeutic way to pass the winter.
Overall it’s going together without too much of a fuss but it does take extra time to fit everything without scratching the paint and making a general mess of things. Working on a daily driver is a lot less stressful.
Polished up the timing cover and threw it on just to feel like I’m making some progress. The caliper hardware looks pretty good but  still have to work out the brake line. The hydraulic clutch line and master cylinder look like they should work out OK.
The pictures are really washed out because there’s a pretty bright light over the lift, so it looks like I’ll have to concentrate on using the Nikon and get some decent pictures. It really is looking more like a motorcycle and deserves some good photos.

20141214_163909 20141214_163837 IMG_342420141214_163916


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