Time for a change

Posted: December 7, 2014 in British Bikes, Vintage Cars, vintage racing

I’m sure you’re getting tired of the Norton build blather so I found this gem. Or should I say a series of gems.
The title is “The Racing Years 1964” but there are quite a few of them. A synopsis of the racing year mostly from a Formula 1 perspective but not exclusively.
It was an action packed year from a lot of angles; Jimmy Clark was dominating the beginning of the year but ultimately lost the championship due to an engine seizure to Surtees, the only one to win world championships on two and four wheels.
Hearing the roll call of champion drivers names brought back the memories of them racing back in the day. Brabham, Hill, Mclaren, Ginther,  Gurney, and even Hailwood was keeping up the pace. Made the trip to the newspaper store to pick up the latest Road and Track worthwhile even if it was old news. Racing in Europe was rarely covered on American TV save for Monaco or LeMans. The Wide World of Sports was the only game in town and Nascar was more likely to get coverage than the Nurburgring.
Ford and Ferrari were crossing swords for the ultimate showdown but Ferrari red won Lemans this year.  Ford wanted to win at any price and 1964 sealed the deal to get rid of the unreliable Colotti gearboxes that cost them the win. Ford would go on to win the next three years at the La Sarthe circuit.
Honda made its F1 debut in ’64 without much initial success but Soichiro always learned from his mistakes.
So, if names like Surtees, Hill, Clark, Brabham and Hailwood mean anything to you, have a look at a great year in review, it really is good.

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