Time to stop fooling around here and get some bloody work done.
Checked the ring end gaps and only the top rings needed some filing. Always pays to check them, glad I did, they had no gap at all.
The cylinders were a bit fussy sliding onto the pistons but it in the end it went together. I suppose I should invest in some good ring compressors but they always seem to work just well enough. Sort of like that girl friend in back in high school, not a raving beauty but got the job done.
I set the head on just to feel like I did something, I need a couple of the long sleeve nuts, I couldn’t find the stainless ones to go along with the rest of the parts but they’re on the way.




Seeing as I had some time I figured I’d have a go at hacking out a caliper mount for the PM caliper I picked up on EBay. After cutting out the cardboard template, I transferred it onto the alloy plate and started sawing away. No CNC machine here laddy, just brute strength and haphazard execution.
Strangely enough, the first try looked pretty good and I just kept “adding lightness” as Colin Chapman was fond of saying. I pared away about half of the original piece, filed it into submission and polished the result. Felt good to get in the Zen groove of just getting rid of everything that didn’t look like a caliper bracket. The hardware will probably get swapped out for something a little fancier but it could work the way it is.


20141129_074307 20141129_083731 20141129_105221 20141130_123311






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