Haven’t had much time to throw at the project but I did get the centerstand mounted, straightened out the rear wheel / hub issues so it spins nicely and hung some parts on to see what they looked like.
I have some Harley style custom master cylinders for the brake and clutch but the more I think about it, Brembo stuff will probably get the nod. I have a brake master which looks pretty good and I can use a Ducati Monster style clutch master cylinder which will match up pretty well and they seem to be pretty cheap on EBay.
I’m still  on the fence with instruments too, I do like the traditional look but electronic versions are available which might be a nice touch. The speedo gearbox and cable is always an issue on these bikes so I’d like to avoid it by using a GPS speedo if I can.


I finally decided to knock the head and cylinders off just to have a look as I’m going to paint the cases anyway.
New valves, pistons etc but it did look like the expander on the oil control rings was installed incorrectly on one cylinder so I’m glad I did it.
FYI: make sure the expander ends butt together and do not overlap, otherwise the motor will be a smoker for sure. It happens so make sure it’s right the first time.
A new set of Hastings rings will go on so at least I won’t have that issue to worry about.



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