Finally got the front wheel laced up to a new rim and a hub I have been saving for just such an occasion.
It took a couple of tries to get the pattern right as it isn’t the stock layout or even the alternative alloy rim pattern. In the end I put in some nipples without spokes to get some starting angles and went from there.
Then there is the usual trick of jumping on the wheel to get it over far enough to center in the forks. Good times.
Anyway, it got done and looks pretty nifty, now I just have to polish out all the scratches I put in it. aaaarrrrrgggghhh
20141016_183719Here’s what it looks like for the initial mockup and measurement. It’s centered and trued, but Ill check the runout again after it rests.
20141016_183731Is it possible to have too much polished alloy?




  1. Ken says:

    Dam few people who can do that today! Very cool

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