It all started when I found an abandoned project on EBay. Someone had started to build a chopper of all things, and then decided against it after buying a crapload of expensive parts. I added it all up in my head and said this is a no brainer.
I was high bidder when it ended, made the road trip to pick the stuff up and my next project began.
After months of dead ends I finally found a straight frame. (Makes me regret tossing all the ones I was tripping over years ago.) Anyway, the good news is that I found one, stripped it and sent it off to the Vintage Vendor in VT to slap some paint on it.
You may notice in the pics some tasty stuff; namely a set of CNW triple clamps, a modified and powder coated transmission cradle, polished alloy tank and tons of stainless hardware. I left out the pic of the polished transmission with Quaife case and hydraulic clutch slave cylinder lest you be overcome with alloy lust.
Anyway, most of the big lumps are present including an interesting 750 engine with nicely polished ports etc. A nice winter project that I can’t wait to start on. Did mention the belt primary and the high output alternator?
1973 Commando frame

Norton 750 motor

Wheels and forks





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