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Well we had a great day at Dude’s. Weather was beautiful and the turnout was outstanding.


The turnout of bikes that rode in was surprising in the number and the variety! From Ducati to HD there was an international turnout that changed all day.


Of course the majority was Britbike as was to be expected, with Norton dominating the numbers due to the NNENO meeting. ( I didn’t know the secret handshake so I wasn’t allowed into the meeting out back…) Like Groucho said: I wouldn’t join a club that would have me as a member…


Food was great, I did my share of chowing down and many thanks to Dude and the crew that put this on and I know Harold Bishop would have approved.

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Gate City Cycles,in Nashua NH is having a Harold Bishop appreciation day on Aug 9 2014.

NNeno is using the venue to have their club meeting there on the day so it should be an interesting turnout of classic British Bikes.

Dude Wheeler says he’s going to supply some food etc

So if you can, make it to Gate City Cycles on Aug 9 from 11AM to 5 PM


Gate City Cycle Open House

The folks at KTR Racing were kind enough to have an open house last night and I snapped a bunch of pics.


These are cars that you only see in magazines unless you were blessed with a tidy trust fund or wrote a cheesy but successful app.

Most of all of these cars are used in anger at various tracks around the world.

KTR preps the cars and delivers them to the track for their clients and by the looks of it, do a very respectable job


They put on a very tasty spread with sammiches, beer and wine etc. 

Many thanks for a lovely summer evening.