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Instead of spending my time looking for skeevy porn, I’m coming up with all sorts of old bike pics that I hope someone is looking at or else  it’s back to the seedy underbelly of the internet.

Anyway, the site linked  isn’t much in the way of explanation but the pics pretty much speak for themselves. A bunch of lads racing their motorbikes in Belgium is the gist of it. I was struck by the colorful livery of the Dunlop tire support trucks and the way people still sported a jacket and in quite a few cases, a properly tied necktie. When was the last time you did ANYTHING concerning motorcycles and wore a sportjacket, much less a tie? Didn’ t think so…

The support trucks have a nature of old circus wagons about them for some reason. Upon reflection I suppose because they may have been lettered and painted by the same people. Gather ’round lads, the show has come to town, entertainment for one and all; young and old alike.

Sit back, ‘ave  a cuppa and enjoy!


Here’s the 1971 Flat Track season featuring all the greats.  Dave Aldana is the focus but keep a sharp eye out for Gene Romero, Dick Mann and Mert Lawwill  just to name a few.

BSA and  Triumph were battling the Harley XR’s in the heyday of the sport.

There are some interviews around the 50 minute mark; overall a super glimpse into the wild and wooly world of the flat track greats. What makes these guys iron men is the fact that they worked on the bikes, drove to the races, rode like madmen, packed it up in the van and headed to the next event.

The British brands were soon to be written into the history books but while they were at their peak they burned brightly.



Here’s a charming period piece from a simpler time.

Father Bill, the 59 Club, Rockers and some classic bikes from when they were used as practical transportation.

The Mini was so cheap that it made bikes a lot less attractive and the scene was changing rapidly but have a look at 9 minutes of cafe racer history.