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Chris Harris drives a vintage Jag in the Mille Miglia. He’s not very keen on the old nails but he’s a great driver and I like his style. He’s a good narrator, knowledgeable and has a good sense of humor.



Here’s Mad Magazine’s take on the Bronson lifestyle. Pretty funny and not too far off the mark IMHO.


Mad Magazine

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Because we’ve been running in a few of the Moto Giro East events we’ve had the distinct pleasure of rubbing shoulders with some really neat folks.

All the people who run the Giro events and the participants are friendly and very generous with their time.

This post is to shine some light on one of our heroes, Dave Roper who races around the world on bikes you’d give your left arm for. In addition he’s a darn fast rider. One of those guys who makes you think how in blazes does he go so fast through that corner while I’m hanging on for grim death and falling behind??

The last tiddler Tour we ran in, we got lost, found another group, got lost, gave up and I headed for the barn. Then on the way back, Dave shot by so I followed him.          Sort of.

He was absolutely flying on his old Guzzi single which turned out to be a 250. The way he was riding I would have sworn it was at least a 500. My poor Benelli 250 was begging for mercy but we pushed on. The rest of the day was spent trying to keep up with no thought to the scenery. 

Thanks for the tutorial Dave!!!

Anyway, click on the picture at the top for all things Dave Roper Racing.


norton 961

Feast your eyes on the 961 Norton brochure, very slick.

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Just wish we could look at some real bikes; supposedly they’re on the way.

So is Christmas! Have a happy one