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I stumbled across this video of early boardtrack racers circa 1900.

These were some hard men though some look young enough to be unfamiliar with a razor.

Most of the tracks were gone by the 1920’s due to public outcry over the death and dismemberment of riders and spectators alike.

Have a look at some seriously treacherous machinery and the heroes that rode them.



Keef Richards


Here’s a page with a lot of good basic information about how ignition systems work.

Battery and coil, Transistor,  CDI etc

Cliquez ici




So I figured I’d finally throw a head gasket on my 850 Commando as it was making a mess by leaking oil and making a general mess.

I made the mistake of saying well, I’ve gone this far I might as well check the bores.

There was a little over .008 clearance so I bit the bullet and bored it out .020 over and slapped some new pistons in. The  valve stems had some pitting in the ends so they went in the trash too. Naturally the springs measured a little low too so “the while I’m at it” disease was in full bloom.

Anyway it’ll be in great nick when the good weather rolls around,  so I’ve got something to look forward to.



I wish I had news that the tanks were being stamped out, but that’s not the case.

We’re still faffing about with the dies and getting our proverbial ducks in a row.

Is there progress? Yes, but these projects always eat time and money like a hungry hound.

We’re getting ready to bang out some samples but it will still be months before we have a finished product.

I’ve included a picture of what it looks like at the top of the  Guinness HQ in Dublin from a few years ago.

Under extreme peer pressure I was forced to sample a pint or three.

Just ’cause