Open letter to all car/bike magazines

Please stop using the term “comparo” when comparing vehicles.

Splashed across the cover: Gigantic comparo  !

We test drive the new Belchfire 500 and the Whizbang 650!!!!!!

The huge headlines suggest the kind of drama you’d expect at the selection of a pope.

In any event I really don’t care if  one of these machines (which I can’t afford anyway) is .002 seconds faster to 60 MPH than the other one.

At this stage of the game any new motorcycle over 250cc is capable of speeds faster than I normally drive and certainly handle better than race bikes of a few years ago.  The only things that manufacturers could  do to bikes is make them ever faster to the point that people started to wake up to the fact they can’t use all that performance on the street without being a regular in the local ER  or gray bar hotel.

But back to where I started; if you want to use the word comparison you might get my attention, but comparo is just too tragically hip and overused.

Who started using this awful term in the first place? I mean it just takes too much time to click out the full word? Or it sounds so much better to use hip lingo that only the ” in crowd” knows about?

And another thing:

Give me an opinion about whether I’d actually like the damned thing. Sure it’s got enough power to melt down the rear tire in about 5 seconds, but does that mean it has a satisfying urge when passing a cement truck that really would rather you didn’t? Does it have some balance? Some soul? Or is it the kind of power that comes on in the middle of a turn when you really would like a little stability in your life and instead makes you start thinking about how much all you really hate hospital food.

Instead these “comparos” usually end up with: either one of these  bikes/cars will equally please a discerning buyer.



  1. I love motorcycle mags but I hear what your saying but yet I still buy them. Why do they have such power of me?

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