New Commando gas tank pricing

Posted: September 20, 2012 in classic bikes, Norton Commando, vintage bikes, Vintage British Bikes

OK, here’s where the rubber meets the road:  we’re negotiating what it’s going to take just to get some prototype gas tanks off the press, have them welded together and all the stuff it takes to make a completed tank, and it’s not pretty.

It looks like we’re talking about a retail price  to be roughly $650 for a bare steel tank.

Is this out of the ball park ?? we’ve got to figure out if we can actually sell these things so your feedback is kind of important. Please email me or leave a comment about what you think.


  1. Chris S says:

    That’s a good price if the tank is a well made dead ringer for your particular year. A used or salvaged tank would have rust issues and body work needed before painting so it’s about a “break even” deal. Being a purist, I would buy an original if available first but barring that; I’d buy a good replica and keep it to myself. 🙂

    • George R. Lanigan says:

      I agree with the above. it has to be the same as the original and leakproof. The cap has to be original flip up. If made to industry standards I’d buy it. Time isn’t critical but I’d like something before next Spring.

      • Ok so I have a few minutes to catch up a little; here’s the latest: we’re meeting with fabricators on Friday to see if we can negotiate a fair price to weld the tanks together and generally make a complete tank out of the raw pressings.

        This will determine if we can go forward; it’s kind of a make or break meeting so we’ve got our fingers crossed. If the fab costs are too high then that will put the kibosh on the whole project.

  2. Randy Vickery says:

    I am restoring a 1975 Commando 850 MKIII and looking for a steel roadster tank. I’m definately interested….patiently waiting. I’ll need metal side covers too

  3. Be aware that Andover is also in the process of getting new tanks done. You might want to wait and see what their price will be.

    • Yes, I’ve heard, the problem is that our ball is already rolling so we can’t really back out now. Andover Norton is a force unto itself and with them selling direct to retail it can make vendors (like us) uneasy. In the end though we have to stick by our plans and try to make a living.

  4. jerry bombard says:

    I’m sending my 72 combat to Colorado Norton Works for a rebuild this summer. I will need a steel gas tank and side covers also. If you are familiar with his work, Matt will require a top notch repro. I’m very interested.

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