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OK, here’s where the rubber meets the road:  we’re negotiating what it’s going to take just to get some prototype gas tanks off the press, have them welded together and all the stuff it takes to make a completed tank, and it’s not pretty.

It looks like we’re talking about a retail price  to be roughly $650 for a bare steel tank.

Is this out of the ball park ?? we’ve got to figure out if we can actually sell these things so your feedback is kind of important. Please email me or leave a comment about what you think.



The ‘Giro will be in Cavendish Vermont at a pretty ritzy looking Hotel on Sept 21-23 2012

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Rolling jewelry


Saturday morning, August the 25th dawned cool and clear as I set out from my house towards my final destination, Cars&Coffee / Irvine. These early morning conditions were a welcomed break from the heat wave conditions being experienced by Southern California. However, it was the low coastal cloud cover and light drizzle that I encountered as I neared Irvine. These conditions came as a surprise, and would wind up setting the tone for the rest of the mornings activities.

Regardless of these damp conditions, by 6:30 AM the parking lot at C&C was already filling up, with many of the participants eager to share their stories from the previous weeks Monterey Motorsports Reunion events.

Porsche row was once again well represented by a bevy of early 911s…

Early Porsche 911s_rear end shot along Porsche row_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_August 25, 2012

Green 1967 Porsche 911_3/4 rear view Porsche row_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_August 25, 2012The morning’s dew cloaking Porsche row…

Lime Green 1970 Porsche 911E_3/4 front view Porsche row_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_August 25, 2012

Parked amongst its Porsche siblings, was this 1973 911E in Gemini Blue (shown below), with only 52,000 miles…

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European motorcycle day is coming up this weekend, a must see for sure.

Link below:

European Motorcycle Day.

Not feeling very inspired lately but I figured I should at least post something, so here’s a pic of a very tidy Commando from one of our customers.

Normally I’m not a big fan of cast wheels on a Commando but I think these are some nice wheels. Brand is CMA but they look like the vintage Campagnolo wheels I remember from the 70’s. Supposedly they are beryllium which puts them in a rare category (unobtainium).

Anyway, from the looks of the AP racing front brakes this thing stops as well as goes, so I’m generally impressed overall.

Very nicely done mate!