Need a New Norton Commando Roadster Gas Tank??

Posted: May 24, 2012 in classic bikes, motorcycles, Norton Commando, vintage bikes, Vintage British Bikes

We’re in the process of seeing what it would take to pound out some Commando gas tanks in the USA!

The dies are here, we’ve got some quotes, and we would like to see how many people out there are looking for a steel Norton tank made in the US. We hear lots of blather about nobody making stuff in the US. Well here’s your chance to support the home market industry!!!

They won’t be giveaway cheap but I think we can produce them at an affordable price.  After all , what’s the alternative? A leaky fiberglass tank which can never really be permanently sealed with today’s fuel, a dented rusty piece o crap from EBay or something that comes from India that may or may not be what you want.

Email us at or wait until we post some more news but either way if there’s solid interest than we’ll push on ahead. If we don’t hear back, then it will help determine whether we lay out the cash to see it through.

Watch this space…..

  1. Al Calderon says:

    I’m restoring a 1971 Commando Roadster and looking for a metal tank. If you make a replica at a reasonable price, I vote “right on”.

  2. WCO56 says:

    A decent, reasonably priced metal tank is a great idea. The parts from India seem to be junk (bought some side covers that were terrible) and there are very few good used tanks out there. Good luck getting it together.

  3. Cor says:

    Looking for a steel tank. Would pay for a quility item as opposed to getting a good price on something less.

  4. Brooke says:

    would love one!

  5. randy says:

    I’m trying to replace my 73 roadster tank that the goverment ruined. Why don’t we file a class action suit and have them repair and replace these tanks?

  6. Brian says:

    I’ve spent $500 on an India tank. All I can really say about it is that it “resembles” a Roadster tank 8( So YEAH! If you can manage MkIII style tanks as they’re nearly identical to the glass tanks were all beginning to lose.

  7. Guy D'Amico says:

    Hope and change my patutti. Maybe with a new “leader”.
    Now, yeah, I could use one for my ’73 as right now it’s a cafe’ setup and the tank is fiberglass.
    How many respondents determine whether you move forward or not.
    Post on AccessNorton

  8. Paul B Casterlin says:

    Please! I bought a steel tank from Burton’d Bike Bits in the UK and after having a metalflake paint job done it started seeping at on of the seams raising a buble in the paint…GRRRRRR!!!!

  9. Doug Farrell says:

    Don’t forget us Fastback owners. I’ll even send you one you can use to mock up.

    • It looks like Roadster tanks would be about all we can take on as it is VERY expensive to make the dies just for a start. A set of tank dies runs about the same as, oh say a new Porsche 911 give or take a few thousand…

  10. Kerry says:

    If the price is right and the quality is good, I’m in.

  11. Michael Pisarcik says:

    I’m trying to save for a Commando tank, and don’t like my options as you have documented. I would welcome a chance to get one of your new tanks!

  12. Mike says:

    New roadster tanks,good workmanship should sell well thre qaulity of others is very poor,bring it on

  13. Brian says:

    Well, for starters one that looks exactly like a Commando Tank would be nice. Not one that reminds you of a Commando Tank from 10 feet away. One that won’t need a bunch of leaks repaired out of the box. One that won’t need extensive cutting, grinding or BFH’ing to fit the gas cap, or the bike properly.

  14. pat loughridge says:

    Yes, yes, and YES … Pleas make the tanks !!!

  15. Wally says:

    Need one now.

  16. Greg says:

    where do i send the cash?

  17. george lanigan says:

    I need one and would gladly pay a reasonable price above junk tank prices. I’ve watched the auction prices for used tanks and they are not cheap. Promise it won’t leak and will fit and they will come!

  18. Mark says:

    I would be in for a Fastback tank.
    But I dont suppose you would sell enough to make it worth while.
    If anyone could give me the paint recepie for FireFlake blue, I would be very happy.

    • Yes you’re right, the dies cost too much to get enough return on fastback tanks, sorry. As far as the fireflake colors I haven’t heard of anyone with an easy source, usually guys use House of Kolor or get a local shop to mix something up. As long as you have a sample piece, a supplier who caters to hot rods etc will come up with a close match.

  19. VintageBiker says:

    Any word about the Roadster tank yet? I’d be more comfortable buying one from Commando Specialties rather than a basement worshop in India…

  20. NorCom says:

    I see this idea as a real plus for Norton riders. I love the way that talented people who could make money doing a wide range of things, choose to do so by making neat things for the bikes I like.
    Without people like Duane Nortons would be a lot more difficult to keep on the road.
    GOOD JOB!!!!

  21. JustinC says:

    I would buy one if you can get the price down to the 600-700 range, pressure tested and ready to go. I would also vote for the original Frankenstein pins / rubber band mount at the back instead of a second set of studs as it makes for easier maintenance.

  22. Randy Kakara says:

    Any updates? My Commando needs a tank! Not happy with any options I find today

    • We’ve got more than a few irons in the fire right now but we are going ahead with this.

      I’m thinking at least 6 months.

      What is wrong with the ones that are available? We’re trying to make a product that meets everyone’s needs if we can.


      • Randy Kakara says:

        Thank You for asking for input reguarding USA manufactured gas tanks. Biggest concern reguarding fiberglass is Ethanol compatability. They also sound like they have other issues. The English Burton tanks don’t seem to be available in the states and the tanks made in India sound like they are not stamped out correct, and quite honestly, if I am going to spend that kind of money I expect the tank to be a perfect replacement, only requireing paint. Speaking of paint, do you know where I can get codes? I want my bike to be road ready this spring, and am going to try patching it, at least I know what I have. It has some rot clear thru and I am not sure if I should braze, solder, or mig weld. Whatever, I do not think it will be as good as I want and prefer to replace it.

      • First off, repairing tanks is always a crap shoot; if the damage isn’t too extensive and your body repairman is first class (expensive) then odds are you’d be ok.If you’re doing it yourself then be prepared to spend a lot of time getting rid of the old rust etc. There are no Norton paint codes available as far as I know. It’s usually a case of finding some original paint to use for a custom mix/match.

    • shrugger says:

      The only tanks currently available are made in India. Some from Pakistan but those shall NEVER be spoken of again! If your not aware, quality control in India is, to put it mildly, non existent.

  23. Christopher says:

    as long as you guys are aware of the fact that the 69, 70, 71(?) fiberglass tanks were slightly different in shape, and no seam, from later steel ones.

  24. George Lanigan says:

    My 71 Commando fiberglass tank leaks like a seive. Need a steel tank that fits and doesn’t leak.

    • jerry bombard says:

      Any update on these tanks? I’m sending my 72 Commando to Colorado Norton Works to be rebuilt and need a steel tank AND sidecovers.

  25. Dan marshall says:

    G’day from Australia we are keen as over here for some good roadster tanks can’t wait

  26. jerry bombard says:

    well, my Norton is on it’s way to Colorado Norton Works. I’ll be needing a tank and side covers this fall. What is the status on your tanks, and have you nailed down a price?

  27. K. Le Grande says:

    come on hurry up

  28. ERIC says:

    My 74 roadster tank is leeking badly any chance of a replacement in the next few months.

    • B.Tal says:

      Just dropped off my 72 Combat with Adam Cramer at Liberty Vintage ( Philly Throttle) he uses a product called “Caswell” swears by it. Seals like a glass liner. Better than creem. Took me a month to pull that crap out of my tank. Anyway it is a quick fix for fiber glass and rusted tanks until these made in USA steel tanks are under production. I was going to get a pos India tank but I’ll gladly wait for real American steel for my Brit Iron.

      • Have a look at our last post about the tanks, the whole “Made in USA” thing has gone down the drain. It’s really hard to find people who want to dig in and make stuff without holding out for their $100 per hour fee. So, the dies are back the middle east and we’ll bang out the best tanks we can and hopefully we can offer superior quality at an affordable price. We’re not happy but that’s they way the mop flops sometimes. Hope and change….meh

      • ERIC says:

        I have heard good things about the caswell sealer.But I wonder will it stick to the tank if it is already soaked it to the fiberglass! eric

  29. christopher says:

    I agree, from years of experience in my shop, w/Eric. Caswell results are dependent on proper preparation and application. Also needs a good substrate for proper adhesion…as with all sealers. And, its in the title…’Caswell Sealer’, NOT ‘Caswell Sealer/Repair’…big difference.

  30. Stephen Staub says:

    I need one for my 1975 Roadster.

  31. ERIC says:

    I am sorry they wouldnt be made in the US. When can we expect to see a tank from the middle east were you sent the dies . thanks eric

  32. Dane says:

    Am in the process of building up a ’72 Commando and a black roadster tank. I would be very interested in the ones you may produce.

    • MR C says:

      “were looking…blah blah blah…” typical response from this outfit for at least a year or more…

      • Yes, actually it has been a few years that we’ve been trying to get these tanks made. In the process we’ve spent a LOT of money and gone through a lot of headaches. We have made tanks before and we naively thought we could get a company in the US to work with us to made a good product. So since that failed, we had to ship our dies back overseas and get it in the works again. We have to commit to the production of 500 tanks and pay for the whole thing up front. Still with me here? This all means money we have to shovel out before one tank gets made. Lots of money.
        We aren’t selling “hope and change” We do hope that people who need a good steel tank in the end will buy one and this whole exercise will make sense.
        Thanks to everyone out there who hasn’t given up on us. We’ll get there…..

  33. Pat says:

    Any updates when they will be available yet?

  34. Christian Andersen says:

    another “yes” here. 1969 Fastback.

  35. Frank J. Ackley says:

    First Visit here – 1972 Roadster
    Its’ been “Idle” for 30 years – soon, or too Old to ride It.

  36. Marcus Burrows says:

    Yes please! An Interstate tank please!

    • NKFJV says:

      STOP SAYING IT’S IN THE WORKS OR THEY ARE IN PRODUCTION! YOU have been dragging people along for A LOOOONG TIME!

      • We finally have some tanks, I’m in the process of pressure testing and inspecting them. They will go on EBay as soon as they’re checked over. We also have a few dealers we have to supply.
        Sorry for the wait but look at it from our standpoint; we have a ton of dough tied up in this project so we will have them for sale as soon as we can!

    • Frank J. Ackley says:

      Absolutely – know “Beggars Can’t . . . . . ” – but would most appreciate an exact Steel replica
      of my ’72 F. Glass 2.75 gallon tank.
      Would positively purchase such a creation.

  37. Pat says:

    I ordered my tank yesterday!

  38. brisn says:

    I am looking

  39. kelly says:

    kelly here in canada, only need a steel tank and rear fender and i’m 100%. If anyone has a fender my email is

  40. kelly says:

    ops ; forgot i have a 1971 roadster 750 that i need a rear fender and steel tank to make it 100%

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