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I ran across this guy’s story of his  dad’s love of motorcycling.

They flew their motorcycles from The UK to France to start a multi-country tour of 1600 miles or so.

On old British bikes. No really.

The bikes were a Brough Superior, Triumph Thunderbird and a Sunbeam so they did have some pretty serious machines for the day. No breakdowns occurred other than the odd flat tire here and there. Amazing!

I started looking at the pics and thought it would be the usual crappy pics and lame commentary but the more I read the more I was drawn in to their trip. From the pictures it doesn’t look like they had much luggage but always appeared natty in jackets and ties, and seemed to have a pretty good supply of foul weather gear to boot.

Some of the photography is absolutely stunning,  and apparently pictures  are for sale so contact the author if you have any interest, as he sounds like quite a nice chap.

Just click on the picture below and be transported



Well, it’s that time of year again, for the 34th annual British Motorcycle meet put on by the BSA Owner’s Club of New England at the Auburn Elk’s Club
This year they aren’t charging for flea market space so there should be more vendors than recent years and that can only be a good thing.

Show your support for the noisy old cranks and come to see some old bikes too!

Click on the image below to go to the event flyer

We’re in the process of seeing what it would take to pound out some Commando gas tanks in the USA!

The dies are here, we’ve got some quotes, and we would like to see how many people out there are looking for a steel Norton tank made in the US. We hear lots of blather about nobody making stuff in the US. Well here’s your chance to support the home market industry!!!

They won’t be giveaway cheap but I think we can produce them at an affordable price.  After all , what’s the alternative? A leaky fiberglass tank which can never really be permanently sealed with today’s fuel, a dented rusty piece o crap from EBay or something that comes from India that may or may not be what you want.

Email us at or wait until we post some more news but either way if there’s solid interest than we’ll push on ahead. If we don’t hear back, then it will help determine whether we lay out the cash to see it through.

Watch this space…..

Viva Giro!

Well we did it, we competed in the Moto Giro East, and had a great time.

Due to time constraints we were unable to compete in the Sunday afternoon run but we did the Saturday 150  mile run and the Sunday morning 100 mile run to Max BMW for lunch.

Super bunch of guys (and gals) , kudos to all competitors and volunteers, we were encouraged to go out and have fun and we did.

I apologise for not taking more pictures but it’s hard to keep your head on straight in one of these things and try to capture the flavor of the event at the same time.

Dave Roper competed and looked the part on his  ‘bacon-slicer’ Guzzi. A little drama as the chain derailed on a bumpy hill and locked the rear wheel but it didn’t take long and he was back in the hunt.

That’s me in the main pic with my Benelli / Wards Riverside 250 which did the run in fine shape with no major problems at a good clip overall.

We did at least 300 miles in three states over broken and some smooth pavement along with lots of gravel roads over hill and down dale and even a few miles of mud thrown in just to see if you were paying attention!!

Here’s a link to some pictures of the event