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May 4, 5, 6, 2012

Save the date

  • Thrill to the spectacle of old geezers blatting around the streets on wheezy old motorcycles.
  • Make bets as to whether their colon or prostate gives out first.
  • Laugh out loud when an old antique seizes up! (hopefully the bike, not the old geezer)
  • Cry along with our intrepid racers as it all goes Tango Uniform at the side of the road in a pool of oil and tears

That’s right folks, against the learned advice of health professionals and law enforcement personnel nationwide, we’re competing in the MotoGiro East in Hancock Mass, near the  Jiminy Peak Ski Area

The guys from Commando Specialties will be Team Knucklehead so keep off the streets if you’ve got any sense left after all that 60’s malarkey

>>>>>>> Cliquez  ici pour le Moto Giro USA<<<<<<<

(click on the above if you’re not a cunning linguist)

Sponsored by the USCRA who should have more sense to be quite honest