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New Blog pages etc

Posted: November 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

If you haven’t been here for a while you might notice the new theme which I think is much cooler overall, thank you very much.

Also, check out the pages which are now listed at the top of the page, I’ve added some new bikes to “Bikes in the garage” and also added a slide show page.

I would appreciate any and all feedback as I’m trying to post more information when I can.

Lube your clutch pivot for an easier pull, it’s easy and not everyone does it.

If you have trouble getting your Brit bike going in the spring, chances are the pilot jet is plugged up with gunk, here’s a short video of what to do to clean it.

There’s much more to a carburetor of course, and if there’s any interest I’ll do some more tech stuff.