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Here’s a new addition to the stable, a 1968 Montgomery Wards Benelli Riverside 250.

I found it on Ebay and it looked like it needed a good home. The paint scheme wouldn’t be my first choice but it’s starting to grow on me and it’s done well enough that I’m not going to change it.

The Little sucker runs good and I like looking at it in the garage so it’s a keeper for now.

The parts situation is a little dire but I can work around it. It seems to be geared awfully low, so I’m in the process of having some countershaft sprockets made.

Who knows, maybe I’ll make the Moto-Giro in the spring!!



Big D Cycle


Check out the blog from Big D Cycle , they are good friends of ours and are really into racing theĀ  Olde British Cycles.

Seriously folks, I have seen these guys race, (Ryan Ambrose in particular) and they make these old Triumphs fly.

Keith Martin (the guy on left in the Gulf Norton pic) is the big Kahuna who was a Triumph dealer back in the day and knows these bikes inside and out. He’s put together land speed record streamliners, road racers, flat trackers; the lot.

Good luck and God speed to all of them



Looks like a fun Sunday at Cranland Airport in Hanson Mass on Sunday Sept 18

They have a light breakfast and fly in on the third Sunday every month

The Cape Cod British Car Club will be there for breakfast along with the Knuckleheads Motorcycle Club.

Be prepared for out of control mayhem!!

(Really just a bunch of old farts in creaky cars and leaky motorcycles)

Cranland Airport Link