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Larz Anderson Euro Bike Day


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Sept 11, 2011 Brookline Ma.

Always  a great show, we will be there as usual on the left side of the driveway with our jackets and Norton parts!





Man, what a hot couple of days!!

It was 105 degrees crossing PA!!!

Fair turnout at the swap meet, not as much of a turnout for the racers but that’s another story.

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From Mid-Ohio 2011

“>Enfield Musket

I was in the pits getting some lunch and ran across this bike: a Royal Enfield 700 twin. Basically two 350 cylinders mated on a common crankcase. The workmanship was superb but it was so damned hot out I didn’t stick around to find the owner.

I have included a link to the story on Kneeslider:Enfield Musket

After doing some research I found out that there’s a few other guys out there doing similar things.

The bikes sound great and the look is pretty much spot on Vintage, yet with a few improvements I’m sure it would make quite a nice machine for a sprited back road blast.