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Torque is where it’s at boys and girls.

  1. rotating force: force that causes twisting or turning, e.g. the force generated by an internal-combustion engine to turn a vehicle’s drive shaft
  2. ability to overcome resistance: the measurement of the ability of a rotating gear or shaft to overcome turning resistance
  3. twist or turn something: to apply a twisting or turning force to something


Torque is what you feel when you twist the throttle when you’re just cruising along. Wind it on slowly and feel the seemingly effortless buildup of speed.


Horsepower is sort of how long this goes on.  As the revs climb, the power peaks and you have to upshift to get back into the powerband.

An equal engine with more horsepower higher up the rev range may look impressive on paper but it gets tiresome in daily usage. You have to rev the nuts off the bike to get there and that’s the rub. It just aint as much fun and it uses up the motor. Not to mention it may put strains on the bike (or car) that were never intended and will end in tears.

This is why race engines get rebuilt way more than stock motors do. It just plain wears them out.

A simplistic sort of explanation but it took me years to get it.

“Torque is the thing” To Quote Sam Avellino when he talked about Royal Enfields. (Ask yer dad)



It looks like I’m not able to make regular posts here for a few reasons; none of them good.

The problem seems to be that I figure each one should be a Magnum Opus. In reality I think the idea should be to just to put something out there and move on. Sort of like going to the gym, if you keep up a regular schedule then it gets easier.

Part of the deal is for our readers to give us some feedback. What would you like to see here and where should I be going with it. At this point I ramble on with I THINK might be relevant. We’re getting some readers, but I feel I’m not tapping into what’s on your collective mind.

Social networking is “The Big Thing” but I’m not convinced it’s where we want to be. We’re on Face book etc but it seems like a lot of crap IMHO. I just don’t have the time or temperment to stay up to date.

Lately I’ve been following some smart young guns and been impressed that at least there’s someone out there under the age of 40 with a head on their shoulders. The part I can’t come to grips with is that they’re making tons of dough by selling essentially pie in the sky concepts of “social networking”. I guess young people (the ones with the disposable income) have a burning need to twit and text all day to validate who they are. Billions of dollars are made , what am I missing?

I’m enough of a dinosaur to think I should be making money by selling stuff people actually can hold in their hands and use. Apparently a quaint and obsolete concept.

Ok so here’s the bottom line; I was thinking of making some videos of installation of say a Boyer ignition etc. Is there any interest out there? Some of the questions I get on EBay and over the phone would seem to indicate there is a need for this sort of thing.

Anyway, a little disjointed but it’s a blog entry.