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Here’s a pic from one our faithful from down under

Maybe the best Fastback I’ve seen, good on ‘yer.


Lately I get a lot of people asking about Amal pilot jets. This is what determines how your bike runs at low throttle openings.

I think it was about 1968 when Amal stopped using a screw in pilot jet and started using a pressed in bush type pilot jet. The carbs still have the hole and the threads for the old style (it didn’t fall out).

What you have to do is remove the pilot jet air screw on the side of the carb. (it’s the horizontal screw). Use a bright light and you can see the orifice at the bottom of the passage, it’s tiny.

You’ll need a very small (.010″) drill bit or a a piece of wire to poke through the opening.

If you’re bike has been sitting for months (or years) and your bike runs lousy at small throttle openings, this is your problem.

If you want pics, I’ll get to it asap.

Went to Maine for few days of R&R away from computers

Visited Damriscotta, Pemmaquid, Hallowell, Booth Bay Harbor

Had great time, put a couple of hundred miles under my 850’s wheels  which really worked great until the chain let go. (victim of the dreaded previous owner’s disease). Luckily my friend Mark had a 530 master link in his pocket. Go figure.

Went on to Booth Bay Harbor without further incident.

Happy faces in Colonial Pemmaquid

Happy Faces in Pemmaquid Harbor

Nice guy who takes care of the grounds at Colonial Pemaquid. Liked our bikes and has owned Brit bikes himself. Semper Fi

Inside Fort Frederick

Pemmaquid harbor, a rich fishing ground in the time of the Pilgrims. The starving settlers came here to get some Cod to get them through tough times.

Our fearless leader and spiritual advisor Jack Daniel