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(Old Blue Eyes…..geddit?)

New addition to the household we got from the local shelter.

About a year old and pretty much a puppy without much discipline, so he’s a handful.

The good news is that he’s my best buddy so we’ll try to¬† whip him into shape.

I think.


MKIII / 1975 Commando

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I had a few minutes so I figured I’d post this before I forget.

The Electric Start Mark III Commando which was only imported into the US for one year; 1975 is NOT the same as as previous Commandos.

  1. Because of the electric start hardware the primary drive is different
  2. The shifter was moved to the left so the trans is different
  3. Rear brake was changed to a disc so all the rear dive, swingarm, wheel and hub is different
  4. Carbs and airbox are different
  5. Caliper was moved to opposite fork leg

The changes go on and on but these are the major things.

The bike looks the same at a cusory glance but minor changes mean most parts are different.

So when you call us for parts (or OK anyone else) let them know you have a Mark III.


We sell a lot of stainless hardware these days and I figured it was time to add some recommendations.

First of all, most stainless hardware is equivalent to a grade 2 (or less), meaning it isn’t as strong as most regular steel hardware. Do some research online and you’ll see what I mean. It’s good stuff when used in the proper application.

I’d list all the data here but I don’t have the time. That’s what books are for. I know they don’t teach stuff like reading in school anymore but ask your dad about it.

Issue two with stainless hardware is that you have to lubricate the threads. When you assemble a stainless nut and bolt use some thread lube, oil, grease, possum fat or whatever you have but put something on this threads!!! If you don’t, the threads will gall and viola you have a seized bolt and it will most likely have to be cut off or generally be a pain in the ass to remove.

I know this because I take apart seized stainless hardware all the time.

Maybe next time we’ll explore 18-8 versus 300 series stainless. Yawn.

My coffee cup is empty, ‘ta.