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At long last, we had some T Shirts made up!

Commando 850 line drawing by Mick Ofield (the real deal)

CS logo on the back, sizes Large and Extra Large, generous fit

Email me for the best deal ($12.95) or look for our EBay store


I don’t know if you’ve run across this magazine yet, but it’s worth looking for.

Mike Seate is the editor and Simon Green is the guy we’ve been in contact with about working up a Cafe Racer Norton and some other projects.

These guys are promoting the cafe racer/rocker angle and are the real deal. They ride, build and love these bikes that were the rage vback in the 50’s and 60’s.

They are doing a series on Discovery HD TV

Have a look at the website and you’ll be hooked!

Mark May 23,2010 on your calendar for the Germantown event!!

We hope to attend with our usual supply of jackets and a smattering of Norton parts

Please stop by to say hello, and be patient if we’re busy, as we like to say hello to allĀ  of our customers when we can get the chance.

Last year’s weather wasn’t all that great but there still was a solid turnout of fans and we couldn’t have had a better day overall.


Well, we delivered the Hogslayer to a very cool guy in New Yawk City, it will have some seriously handsome room mates.

We would have liked to hang out in the Big Apple with the new owner but a serious snowstorm was on our heels and we escaped just in time. I want to go back to take some pics as the apartment was a drool fest for a gear head like me. You just never know what’s lurking down the hall!!!

It just stopped snowing and it might hit 50 degrees over the weekend…Yippeee!

the Big Orange Bike is apart but it won’t take long to wrap it up. It’ll have heated grips, a new GPS mount, fresh oil and a few other farkles. Can’t wait to put in some seat time.

If you’re a dual sport type and haven’t checked out then by all means have a look.

Did I mention I bought another Commando?