Another customer bike

Posted: February 11, 2010 in British Bikes, classic bikes, Norton Commando, Uncategorized

Here’s a stock beauty from Down Under

Blue Fireflake 850 Commando

A Fireflake blue 850 Roadster that someone has the good sense to keep as stock as possible

These bikes were” headturners” (I hate the term but it applies) in their day and haven’t lost the “wow” factor one bit!

Many thanks to BM for sending the pic and many thanks to all our Australian customers!

  1. Barry Mitchell says:

    Have sold this lovely Commando to Gerry on the East Coast.

    • Gerard Rowley says:

      Barry alerted me to my new bike recently purchased from him that it was on this website.
      The bike was purchased with 3950 miles on the clock of which we believe is original. Since purchasing the bike I have given it a full service and tune it runs and starts just like a new bike. I recently went for a ride with two newish Harley’s and both Harley riders were quite bisamayed at the amount of people who were stopping and looking at the Norton when we stopped for coffee and fuel. (still turning heads after 36 years) My intention is to keep the bike as it was when leaving the factory with as many as the original parts as possible. A couple of the small parts that have been changed over its life are still with the bike and Barry still has the original tyres. If any one wants any more info or pictures I can be contacted on

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