The upgrade post seems pretty popular so I figured I’d add some more pearls of wisdom. (lol)

The best way to upgrade your bike is to make sure it’s up to snuff. The stock bike is a pretty good bike, so pretend it’s new and do a service routine like you would with a new bike.

F’rinstance if the front brake isn’t working all that well, haul off the caliper and see if both pistons are actually working. Chances are if you haven’t checked them in a year or three, then one is frozen.  Knock the pads out and clean some of the crusty stuff out and install a new set of pads (they’re cheap). Bleed out the old brake fluid.


Regardless of what your brother in law’s dads third cousin who works at Jiffy Lube and is currently out of work but used to have a 1963 Belchfire 500  says, it isn’t going to make your brakes any better. It will mix with crap that’s already in there and make a real mess of things.  It will turn into something that looks like chocolate pudding (which I like a lot) but doesn’t taste like pudding and will generally make you unhappy.Use Dot 3 or 4 and be done with it. Yes I know they are not technically the same but get over yourself.  So use Dot 4 if you’re mister fussypants.

Replace your cables.

Every old nail I see lately has crappy cables. The throttle is so hard to turn you get a muscle cramp and the clutch needs two hands. Your Norton should have a pretty easy clutch pull. If not, then start with a new cable (nylon lined Venhill is the best) and DON’T STRAP THE CABLE DOWN TO THE FRAME EVERY THREE INCHES WITH CABLE TIES!

If you tie down the cable it will make the pull very stiff and throw off your clutch adjustment. Also put a drop of oil at the clutch lever end of the cable where the ball seats in the lever, it will make a difference and keep the cable from breaking at the end.

That’s enough for now, the pastry cart just arrived.


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