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WOW, another good year in Ohio!

There were some showers this year but nothing we couldn’t deal with.

One of our vendor area spaces was a fairly serious mudhole but no one got lost in it, so I guess no harm no foul.

Pretty good turnout of vendors and attendees but there was some grumbling about the quality of bikes for sale.

Seemed to be alot of burned bikes but maybe it was just me…….

The races were good, but not as many top shelf hot shoes like there was last year. Maybe AHRMA and the AMA can finally get this worked out but until they do, everyone suffers.

The guy that caught our eye was Ryan Ambrose on a “Big D” prepped T140 Triumph. This guy was flat out flying and showed a clean set of heels to the leading Honda four on the last lap. We couldn’t believe how fast he was caning that old twin. Good on ‘yer lad.

Pictures below give a small idea of what goes on. Liked the Honda 4 cyl bar stool.

Worlds coolest bar stool

World's coolest bar stool

A mixed bag of bikes

A mixed bag of bikes


Here’s a pic from one of our faithful customers (Many thanks) .

It just goes to show that everyone has an opinion about riding gear!

From an undisclosed (hot) location………………….

Harold Day 1

Don’t forget folks, mid-ohio is coming…………………

Well it’s here again, the AMA Vintage days have rolled around and we’re making the pilgrimage again to Mid-Ohio.

If you can make the trip, do it. It’s the biggest bike nut weekend I’ve attended yet. Very few Harleys but tons of vintage BSA, Triumph, Honda,Ducati’s and well, any thing else you can imagine!

BSA is the featured marque this year.

We had a very busy weekend meeting customers, selling product and we  look forward to seeing more of you this year.

Our booths are U18 /U20 so we’ve got a little more room to spread out.

By accident we found THE BEST restaurant in the area: check out the Brown Derby Texas Roadhouse in Ontario. Best filet mignon, taters and salad you will find in the area. Lots of varieties of cold draft beer, I can’t wait……………..

The vintage racing is worth the trip alone, not to mention meeting guys like Gene Romero last year. I promise I will take pictures this year as I picked up a pocket camera rather than the bigger lump I hate to carry around.