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Here are some pictures from our Owl’s Head trip in ’04. Always a great time, they feature cars, planes and motorcycles;  so what’s not to like??

I won a trip in the Waco Biplane which was a real treat!




I suppose I should include a fewbikes………..


All in all , if you’re ever near Owl’s Head Maine, make time for a trip to the museum.


Last Sunday. June 7 was British Bike Day in Auburn Ma, an event we always attend.  Turnout has been decreasing steadily but there will always be a hardcore bunch (like myself) who will show up no matter what.

In the haydays, the field was filled with bikes, vendors and attendees.  The biggest slice was the Triumph faithful this year who made a good showing with the old bikes and the Hinckleys. Good on ‘yer.

1914 BSA

1914 BSA

The above BSA was definitely the oldest nail on site!


Here we are setting up; getting an early start


Here’s our 920 Project Bike


A well turned out AJS


Vincent sidehack racer anyone??


Triumph guru John Healy holds court

Very nice BSA A10

Very nice BSA A10


Brit Choppers Galore

Much to our surprise, the turnout at Sisson’s Diner in south Middleboro was much larger than expected. It was sponsored by the Tumbleweeds motorcycle club and Antique Motorcycle Club of America so there was a healthy Harley representation. This was not a bad thing thing at all because there were a lot of “real” bikes; not checkbook choppers. From flatheads to panheads, every model seemed to be there along with iron head Sportsters galore.

Surprisingly, there were a smattering of BMW’s and a Ducati or two. Good on all of you.

We fortified the British alley and did a good job of flying the Union Jack if I do say so myself.


BSA B33 and a tasty Triumph TR6C


The answer to a question no one asked:  KTM single chopper anyone?

A Member of the Sunbeam Fellowship

A Member of the Sunbeam Fellowship

All things considered, a great day out.