Germantown follow up

Posted: May 19, 2009 in Uncategorized

Thanks to all the folks that stopped by to say hello at our display at Germantown. We were haviing second thoughts on Sunday morning as it was still raining!

Eventually the rain stopped and it turned out to be a busy day after all….

We couldn’t be more impressed with the bikes that turned up at the show. Three perfectly restored P-11 Nortons were lined up side by side!

Lots of terrific bikes, friendly people and good chow made it a great weekend .

(Except for the abyssmal traffic on the Jersey Turnpike)

Thanks again, and yes we know our website is down and we’re not getting any email either!

Please be patient while the geeks get things going again.

  1. John Cannon says:

    Just found your blog. Yes, this is always a classy & classic event – the Nations Capital Norton Owners club isn’t a formal sponsor but is always heavily involved. I missed stopping by your spot & hope you’ll be back in 2010. Any Norton owners (& others, too) can contact the NCNO thru our web site before the event to get lodging advice, etc. if they’re coming in from out of town for the weekend. Concours area to show off your bike is free (well, there is the general admission charge, but nothing extra to show a bike) & there’s always a good selection of Italian & German bikes, classic & modern, in addition to the Brit iron. There are usually a few interesting classic European cars, as well as American & other bikes in the general parking area to be looked at, too. Not a huge number of vendors, but if you can’t find SOMETHING to buy, you’re just not trying!

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