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I was watching an interview/dialog with Will Wright who is the very bright guy behing Electronic Arts’ games ; specifically Sims, Spore etc.  Games that have had a terrific impact on gaming not to mention the economy when you factor in how much money changes hands in the computer gaming industry.

He brought up a good point that you sort of know but didn’t realize the implications of.  To whit: with the introduction of Wii and Guitar Hero, you bring the gaming experience out the little box (and it’s virtual world) that you are immersed in and brings the action into the living room which can be shared by others. For the most part the fun is in watching somebody make dorky faces while they’re really (pretending to be) reaching for that killer F sharp diminished minor chord or lobbing an imaginary tennis ball into their opponent’s solar plexus.

Stick with me here, there’s a connection to old bikes.

My hope is that at some point kids and other more sentient beings will finally realize there is a world out here that needs to be interacted with. Instead of being a binary junkie waiting for the food pellet as a reward, maybe they’ll decide to put their hands on a real puzzle like trying to figure out why sparks won’t come out of their Joe Lucas coil or oil won’t STOP coming out of their engine/transmission/primary.

Owning and working on an old motorcycle is the perfect vehicle for self awareness. No really.

The old British motorcycle is small enough to be manhandled in and out of pickup truck, the systems are comprehensible by someone of average intelligence and the rewards of actually making it work are immense. You can ride it which is fun, you can stand around and look at it which is fun, and you can polish it, clean it and fix it again. More fun.

Looking at the Orwellian future I can see in store if this doesn’t happen is just too grim.