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more about “office test“, posted with vodpod

This is a test video of one of our offices in the palatial Commando Specialties compound.

RWB Commando

RWB Commando

Just thought I ‘d do a little experimenting with some pictures and this one looks pretty good, so why not?

This color scheme was more popular in Europe/Canada than the US but I always thought it gave the Commando a more modern look. That’s the beauty of the Commando frame; you can swap tank and sidecovers and come up with a new bike!

Hope Santa brought everyone the bits and bobs they were hoping for!

EPN 63 pipes

EPN 63 pipes

Just a note to anyone who has been looking for some good Commando Roadster pipes and doesn’t want the EMGO stuff.

The EMGO pipes  were sort of OK but the right pipe was kind of cocked at an angle at the head for kickstart clearance but looked wrong to most people. Truth is that they sent out a mismatched set of pipes to be copied and sure enough they got a zillion copies of the mismatched pipes.

We are having these specially made for us in the good ol US of A, if you can imagine that!!

They compare to any of the English made products, they really look good.

Good chrome, heavy duty pipes at a special price of $124.95 for the holidays. (plus shipping of course). Go to our website: or give us a call  at 339-200-8618  8-4 EST.  Visa and Mastercard.