New Boyer Mark IV available

Posted: November 25, 2008 in bike show, British Bikes, EBay, motorcycles, Norton Commando, vintage racing

Not earthshaking news but I had to start with something here.

My supplier tells me a new Boyer is available that is suitable for Mark III electric start Commandos. It seems that the Mark III only had marginal voltage available when using the electric kicker so the earlier Boyers didn’t work that well on Mark III Commandos. Most MarkIII electric starters didn’t work anyway without some upgrading so it wasn’t that much of an issue.But I digress.

I don’t have the full scoop on these MarkIV Boyers yet but I’m sure I will get the lowdown soon. In any event IMHO the Boyer iginition system is a pretty durable and useful upgrade and I’m sure the new ones are even better.

The caveat with all these ignitions is that you have to have a fully charged battery in good shape, have heavy duty cables and connections. Most people ignore the basics at their own peril; KISS principle applies here. I hear about all kinds of electrical problems and it always comes down to the same thing: basics. Check all connections for corrosion, dirt etc. Even a cheap DVMM from Harbor Freight can diagnose voltage drops etc. If you have ANY connections with more than a .2V voltage drop, it will give you trouble.

The voltage coming out of the battery through a component and back to ground should equal the 12v battery voltage. This shows that even if you have a good circuit to the component you’re not done until you get the voltage back into the battery. If you have a crusty ground connection it equals a big voltage drop and consequently high resistance / low amperage (flow) connection.  E=IxR

Also, if you’re over about 14 years old, please don’t wear your cap backwards. Electrons are laughing at you.


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