Put your money in old bikes!

Posted: November 21, 2008 in Uncategorized

With the way this economy is going (which is unknown), I say buy old bikes! Cars too for that matter…..

I mean money in the bank isn’t really a money maker or for that matter all that safe a bet these days! A blue chip old car or bike will definitely hold its value and give you at least some enjoyment in this gloom and doom nonstop narrative we’re listening to now.

I suppose this is slightly tongue in cheek but not entirely.  By that I mean, I derive a great deal of pleasure just taking a little down time, cracking a beer and looking at the lines of a great car or bike sitting in the garage. If you buy something that has timeless appeal ( a Norton Commando of course) and is in fairly good nick you won’t watch the value plummet like your 401K! Will gas prices eventually skyrocket, yes I believe they will. In the meantime why not try another avenue for a little of that now useless stuff we call greenbacks?


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