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Posted: October 22, 2008 in EBay, motorcycles, Norton Commando, vintage racing

It’s difficult to write about ideas and have them sound coherent.

(At least for me)

I’m still not sure who’s reading this stuff so I’m casting my net a little further, just to see who’s out there.

We do a lot of business on EBay and overall it’s been a good experience, and people have generally have been positive about our way of doing business.

Now to the meat of the matter:EBay has turned into an online giant which I feel is overall a good thing, but not without some reservations.

The first is the most obvious: EBay has become an online giant. If you don’t like the policies they set, well you can just hit the road Jack.

In the beginning, there were about 3 pages of bikes and parts, now there are zillions. Which incidentally is a Very Good Thing for us vintage bike enthusiasts. Yes I know the prices have gone up dramatically, but it has kept tons of parts and bikes from becoming landfill.

This is our contribution to the tree huggers. So there.

EBay Tip #1: please please please, take some decent pictures. In this day and age you must know someone with an acceptable digital camera who knows how to use it!

Use a tripod; it makes a huge difference and they go for short money. Nothing better than some dark, blurry, out of focus pics to sell your stuff, right?

Also take pictures of the SUNNY side of the bike, not the side in the shadows! Is this not obvious?? (I guess not if people still do it)

EBay Tip #2: Don’t give me the history of the company back to when Hector was a pup: ” The Belchfire Motorcycle Company started on Oct 23, 1909 making bicycles for the post office” . Tell me about the one YOU have for sale.

And don’t lie. I can tell, and I won’t buy your crappy bike.

That’s it for now, I have to check my EBay stuff……..

  1. MarshalNorton says:

    I can’t agree more.
    Nothing turns off a buyer than a big story.
    It is like a diversion from the item.
    You buy the item not the story.
    I purchased a pair of your down pipes for my
    1972 750. Very nice item.
    Look forward to a set of new mufflers soon.

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