If it looks right, it is right

Posted: October 8, 2008 in bike show, motorcycles, Norton Commando, vintage racing

An important part of these old nails is the fact we like to have them around. A minor point perhaps, but an important one. Norton Commando Roadsters in addition to Triumph Bonnevilles (and many others) have that eye appeal that makes us like to look at them.

Ok so they don’t follow the strict formulae used for Greek architecture but in some respects they’re not far off. The size of the gas tank compared to the size of the engine and related parts somehow seems to fit together like a limbic puzzle and sit pleasingly in the back of our brain to be dredged up when we need a mechanical endorphin fix. Somehow the designers got the mix right enough to tickle that mass/proportion/color/noise combination in just the right way to open that locker of gearhead fantasies.

For most of us that ride British bikes, the Harley ethos doesn’t do it, but from my experience most of the Harley guys do get the British angle. Interesting phenomenon. Anyway, those of us afflicted in this way will never be able to drive by a bike parked on someone’s lawn without sneaking a look and comparing it to the cosmic gearhead database in their skull, and either making that fateful u-turn or just head off to work because the tumblers didn’t line up.

  1. MarshalNorton says:

    I love my 72 combat.
    Bikes I’ve owned prior to a long riding break,
    2 triumphs, 2 harleys, and borrowed countless others.
    Currently have a Electraglide for touring.
    I refuse to make a mule out of my stock Norton.
    I love to ride my Norton best of all.
    The looks and comments make it all worth it.
    See you out there. You’ll be the guy in my rear view mirror.

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