Norton Nickel Bike Pics

Posted: September 26, 2008 in bike show, motorcycles, Norton Commando, vintage racing

Here’s a pic of our mostly completed Nickel framed Commando.

Alloy boxed swingarm, belt drive primary, custom rims, Brembo front brake, billet triple clamps, yada yada yada.

Whaddya think?

  1. James L. Miller says:


  2. Michael Homs says:

    Very nice!
    Where did you find a box section swing arm? I bought one from an outfit a few years ago but it was seriously out of square as was the replacement they sent. I gave up on finding one.
    I am in the midst of rebuilding my Cafe Commando now and should have her on the road by spring.

  3. The frame and swingarm came from EVil Bay; a nice chap from Jolly Olde as it turns out. He said it came from a fabricator in London long since out of business (of course) , the main problem is that I have no idea of what was supposed to be used for a hub/wheel combination. I finally ended up using a hub from a CB550 Honda which sort of works but isn’t ideal IMHO. But it has 40 spokes and the width is appoximately correct so on it went. Where did you get the swingarm you were using?

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