Nova Scotia trip report

Posted: August 31, 2008 in motorcycles, Norton Commando, Uncategorized, vintage racing

Well, we just got back from a trip to Nova Scotia, and it was another super ride that I won’t soon forget. The Cabot Trail was one of the items on the agenda and other than a little rain about halfway around (and fog) it was better than expected! It was a 450 mile day of fast riding, sightseeing and generally all around great motorcycling.  There was a weather sytem stuck on the island but we did our best to avoid most of the rain.

In Halifax we met up with the owner of British Cycle Supply at a Tim Horton’s and chewed the fat for hours. Thanks for taking the time to meet with us and I hope we can expand our businesses together. Later we took a tour of the Wolfville warehouse and aven met the resident wolf! (for real). If you need British motorcycle parts please give them a call. (after you give us a try of course!!)

If you haven’t done a Canadian ride, give it a try . The local Police is not out to ruin your day as long as you keep the speed down in the towns etc. We literally went as fast as we wanted with no problems; just show some respect.

Stay tuned kids because I have a feeling there are going to be some new parts and accessories available if we can make any of our ideas come to fruition.

One idea we’ve been playing with is to make new cyclinder heads for Norton 850 Commandos. These bikes have been flogged for 30 years and the heads are starting to show some wear. You can only rethread and repair them so many times before they turn to junk.

Post some feedback on this idea so we can gauge interest.

‘Ciao for now; sorry it’s so long between posts but I’ll try to do better.


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