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We will be attending the AMA Vintage Days from July 24-28, our spot is Q7 so stop by and say hello if you can attend…….Triumph is the featured marque this year so it should be a good crowd.

This will be our first year so it’ll be a learning experience. We’ve heard it’s big, and we love the vintage races whether it’s road racing, flat track or whatever.


I don’t think many (any?) of our customers read this blog but just in case: Thanks.

Commandospecialties has been very successful and it’s been enjoyable putting some parts out there for people who need them.

We’re always trying to offer parts and accessories for British bikes at a reasonable price.

At the same time, we’re also trying to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to anticipating needs. It looks like 850 cylinder heads are starting to get a little thin on the ground. It would be good to find a casting company in the US that would be willing to make a decent head but it’s looking more and more that we’ll be looking to the far east or probably Korea.  Rev Tech Harley clone motors get churned out by a Korean factory; why not us?

The offerings on EBay are usually replete with broken fins, stripped threads etc , and that’s just a start. I’ve seen heads needing a lot of work get sold on EBay for around $1600!! From what I’ve learned so far, I think we can churn out a NEW one for not much more.

After talking to Kenny Dreer (yes, that one), I think there might be some possibility of new Commando parts being available to suit stock and high performance needs. Please leave some feedback on this idea as we are trying to gauge interest.

Ciao for now and again: Thanks………