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Indy Trade Show

Posted: February 24, 2008 in Uncategorized

We attended the Indy Dealer Expo last week which is only open to legit motorcycle trade companies. (dealers, manufacturers etc.)¬† Much to our surprise, the show was well attended and business was done. After hearing all the gloom and doom from the “respected media” I was expecting a thin turnout and guys slashing their wrists in the parking lots and men’s rooms. Not the case.¬† Their was a pavillion for overseas exhibitors; China, Taiwan, Pakistan etc but it was not as big as I had expected and the dealers there weren’t as diverse in their offerings as I had hoped. Either they didn’t care as much or they believed the bad news hype.

In the dealer news mags last week I did hear of even more companies filing for protection under chapter 13 0r 11. Not such good news , but the stories behind some of them were interesting. Most of the ones going Tango Uniform  were the ones who were ultimately going to take it in the shorts sooner or later, owing to poor management, lack of vision, an ivory tower arrogant attitude or a combination of all of the above. The guys that are in trouble but have some smarts are relocating, downsizing or redefining their company. In any business you gotta be ready for change while retaining you customer base.